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With city dwellers increasing day by day and available living spaces dwindling correspondingly, effective use of the available space has become a grave necessity. And owing to the increased standard of living in India and the new mindset of the younger generation, interior design has become an independent field of its own, coming out of the shadows of architecture and civil engineering.

�If you are one of those design aspirants who want to take up interior design as a career, here�s a list of things you must and should know about this popular design domain-

Interior Design is Different than Interior Decoration
Being good with colours, textures, selection and placement of home d�cor objects aren�t sufficient to become an interior designer. If you have any concerns with regards to where and how to use Binary Implementation, you can make contact with us at our webpage. Interior decoration is a subdomain under interior design and only executes the process of design.

Interior Design Is Not Wholly About Design
Interior design is not entirely about design concepts. Along with skills like technical drawing, space design, material knowledge, furniture design, and familiarisation with interior design tools, you must also have great interpersonal and communication skills, maintain a good network of clients, contractors, and suppliers.

High Demand for Interior Designers
Since Interior Design as a career has recently come to the spotlight, it is not wrong to say that there is a scarcity of interior designers in the nation at the moment. Currently, there is a huge need for interior designers in India. So if you are planning to take up an interior design as a career now, I would say you are in the right time to shine!

It Won�t Be a Boring Office Job
The career will give you a long list of reasons to be out of office, whether it is to meet clients, contractors, architects and or to visit the site to review the progress.� So if you are a person who dislikes boring office jobs and like creative jobs where your ideas and spirit is appreciated, interior design is for you!

So if still want to be a professional Interior Designer, here is your first step. Explore the UG pathway in Interior & Spatial Design Degree Course�(Interior Architecture / Interior Design) or PG pathway in Interior Design & Styling�at Pearl Academy. The Academy provides a perfect balance of traditional plus modern learning with various study trips, industry projects, and international student exchange programs.

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