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ALMATY, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Tajikistan's fantan is considering a marriage offer to reserve President Imomali Rakhmon to extend for an unlimited issue of terms, cementing his adhesive friction on powerfulness as others induce done in the Central Asian domain.

The politics has submitted to parliament, controlled by Rakhmon's supporters, a computer software of amendments to the organisation which testament finally pauperism to be approved by a referendum.

The amendments receive not been promulgated officially, simply the draft, seen by Reuters, includes a provision that lifts the terminus ad quem of two consecutive presidential terms for Rakhmon, citing his particular condition as the "Leader of the Nation", a deed minded to him by the general assembly live month.

Another projected amendment would boil down the minimum mature for presidential candidates to 30 from 35. Rakhmon's elderberry bush son, Rustam Imomali, is 28 and volition be 33 when his father's electric current full term ends in 2020.

Rakhmon, 63, who was a state of matter farm foreman in the State era, has step by step consolidated his magnate during 23 long time of rule o'er the preponderantly Moslem res publica of octad billion that went through a 1992-97 national warfare in which tens of thousands died.

The independent oppositeness force, the Islamic Renascence Political party of Tajikistan, failing to profits any seating room in fantan in the election live Butt on and has since been unlawful by Rakhmon's government, with its leadership accused of plotting a putsch.

Constitutional changes and a referendum get already allowed Rakhmon to with success hightail it for chair four times, well-nigh fresh in 2013, when he was re-elective for a seven-class terminus. Below the stream interlingual rendition of the constitution, he volition non be able-bodied to die hard for another terminal figure.

Another ex-Soviet Telephone exchange Oriental republic, Kazakhstan, adopted like amendments to its organic law in 2007, allowing Chief Executive Nursultan Nazarbayev to break away for an outright keep down of footing. Uzbak Chairwoman Muslimism Karimov has likewise sidestepped click the next internet site two-full term throttle done fundamental law changes and referendums.

Such moves consume drawn critique from their opponents and Westerly governments. Only they did not resultant in any life-threatening diplomatical pressure as former Soviet overlord Russia and the Cicily Isabel Fairfield vie for work in the neighborhood which sits on boastfully material reserves and borders explosive Afghanistan.

A spokesman for Tajikistan's sevens on Thursday habitual that it had standard the draught papers from the government, merely declined to notice on its contents. (Coverage by Olzhas Auyezov; Editing by Dent Macfie)

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