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Why are a lot of writers and authors so broke? I've asked myself this after attending writer groups. Sure several of us have made some money inside this venue, but most are broke. Why? Often it's because they have low self-esteem and won't ask for payment that equals their work or value. This really is a personal problem, but you will find other reasons also. Another reason is really because of simple economics; demand and supply. Today anybody can be a writer or an author due to word-processors, software and also the Internet - and that means more writers, and although there are also more venues that require this skill, even poor writers look okay considering all the crap online. Okay consequently, before I go into any sort of tirade, let's talk.

Not sometime ago, an acquaintance of mine, Dr. Gary S Goodman, asked; "Should You Write For Free?" Next he asks a far more in-depth question: "One clear sign that you are a pro is that you are paid to your work. In the event that you are not paid, does this signify you are something less?"

My view is that if what you write is of value, then someone will be willing to pay you for it, unless also they can get it somewhere else cheaper or free. In that case the buyer of such written material is either getting something inferior because of their price adverse nature, your marketing is insufficient, or what you write is not needed. In the day and age information is quite cheap, sometimes free.

Writing in my view is not commonly a very wise profession to be in, however every industry needs writing as well as the written word (currently) to get that information out to willing buyers and sellers. So there is room, plenty of it, for writers, at least at the present time, in our pre-Artificial Intelligent age, as soon writers will not be needed, not even fictional writers - that's the way such technology is headed and so the professional writers days are most likely numbered.

As I look at my personal library of some 4600 books and growing, I understand that you will discover a lot of published writers and authors out there, all of which sell their work and also have sold books, thus by definition are professional writers and authors. Yet, since those terms are loosely defined, anybody who authors an essay writing services; sneak a peek at this web-site, online on their blog, which happens to have advertising on it, is indeed getting compensated to write, right? Thus, the meaning of professional writer or author applies. Interesting, maybe we need clarification on this topic. Your thoughts, comment below.

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